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Asure ID 7 Solo Asure ID 7 Express Asure ID 7 Enterprise
Asure ID 7 Solo
Price $250.00
Asure ID 7 Express
Price $850.00
Asure ID 7 Enterprise
Price $1,750.00

Simple to use.
Entry level software.

Basic card management.
Simplified printer functions.

Powerful, easy to use.
Advanced card design.

External database connectivity.
Batch printing.

Advanced yet intuitive.
Streamlines ID card production.

Multiple workstations.
Share networked database.

Asure ID 7 Exchange Polaroid ID Card Maker v6.5 Elite - Full Version Polaroid ID Card Maker v6.5 Expert - Full Version
Asure ID 7 Exchange
Price $2,850.00

Intuitive, easy to use.
Sophisticated secure credentials.

Advanced Smart Card functionality.
iDirector encoding & management.

Powerful, advanced ID software.
Database connection wizard.

SASI and Lifetouch plugins.
Prox and Smart card utility.

Powerful, user friendly.
Customizable forms.

Full or partial license options.
Sophisticated encoding options.

Polaroid ID Card Maker v6.5 Enhanced - Full Version Passage Point Global v10 Client License

Easy to use.
Customized forms.

Multiple security levels.
Versatile image capture.

Professional visitor management.
Security, communications, badging.

Multi language support.
Advanced reporting.